Beth Cavener: a short film / by Jessica Jack

I'm in love with this short film by Like Knows Like about sculptor Beth Cavener. While the visual exploration of her creative process is stunning, it's her emotionally intimate dialogue that drew me to watch this gem twice in a row. Too often, we connect with a brand or a body of work, but are discomforted by the human elements that go into the creation of the entity. As Mumford and Sons would say, "...the plague of loving things more than their creators". I become uncomfortably aware of this phenomenon whenever I post an Instagram photo of anything that doesn't actively have ink on it, and I lose ten followers. Beth Cavener's willingness to be a person - and also a practicing artist - in the context of this video was an unexpected reminder that we should carry the sense of deep focus and profound ideological pursuit we nourish in the studio into every corner of our lives. If your social media and public life - your real life, edited to reflect YOUR priorities and personality for the world - isn't what someone wants, then let them cut themselves loose. You'll feel richer for who and what remains.