I know it's a Dave Matthews gig poster, and I don't care. I'm pretty obsessed with the illustration and print work of Dan Black and the Landland crew.

Image courtesy of landland.net

Image courtesy of landland.net

A little about Landland, from their website:

Landland is a very small graphic design & illustration studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota that was started by Dan Black, Matt Zaun & Jessica Seamans in early 2007. 

The Landland studio doubles as a fully-functional screenprinting shop, mainly focusing on producing art prints, posters for touring bands, and the occasional record sleeve, t-shirt or book project. We make these things with computers and scanners and photocopiers and drawings and fun printing techniques and whatever we need to use to get the job done. We've also launched a publishing arm of sorts (called "Landland is Not a Record Label") for releasing limited-edition records and short-run books. 

Where we live tends to get very cold, so a lot of times the only thing that makes sense is to stay inside and draw tessellation patterns or the names of bands or messed-up billboards or things that you remember from back when it was fun to go outside.